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The Japanese Auto Extravaganza ("JAE") is managed by the Organisation (marketing and events) Limited, subsequently referred to in these rules and conditions as "the Organisation ". The term "Event" shall refer to JAE. The term "Exhibitor" shall refer to the company and/or individual named on the booking form. The term "Exhibitor's Staff" shall refer to all personnel employed, whether for reward or voluntarily, either permanently or temporarily by the Exhibitor or Club. The term "Site" shall refer to the estate of the East of England Showground ("Peterborough Arena") and associated grounds used for the event. The terms "Trade Stand" and "Trade Space" shall refer to that specific area hired by the exhibitor (company, individual or club) for the sole purpose of displaying and/or selling his/her product(s) and/or service(s).


It is understood that in purchasing a trade stand at JAE, the show rules and conditions will be adhered to. The Site plan provided by the Organisation is a guide only and does not form part of any contract. The Organisation reserves the right to change the Site plan at their discretion. The Organisation reserves the right to refuse admission to any Exhibitor or Exhibitor's Staff. No magazines, posters or other promotional material provided by or published by any commercial publisher shall be displayed and/or sold without the written permission of the Organisation prior to the Event. Exhibitors and all Exhibitors' Staff must familiarise themselves with fire and other emergency precautions. JAE will operate a noise nuisances and entertainment curfew. Ambient noise and general discussion will be allowed during the curfew but car engines, revving, music and other non-ambient noises will not be permitted.

Entry to JAE permits the organisers and its representatives to photograph, video, and otherwise capture my image, and to make recordings of my voice at the event. The Organisation and its representatives have the right to reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast and distribute and create derivative works of these images and recordings in any media now known or later developed as well as my name for promoting, publicizing or explaining the event known as JAE. The Organisation and its representatives own all rights to the images and recordings.


100% of the total cost is payable on application for trade or club space. No exhibition stand(s) will be allocated until full payment has been received by the Organisation. The sub-letting of all or part of a trade or club stand by any Exhibitor to a third party is expressly forbidden unless authorised by the Organisation in writing prior to the Event. No refunds will be made should the Event be cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of the Organisation or to any trade or club organisation cancelling.


All display material and/or exhibition equipment shall be positioned

within the confines of the reserved Trade Stand. No obscene material and/or display material and/or behaviour (including the dress and/or actions of employees, staff or associates of traders or car clubs or the general public) which could cause offence to visitors, other Exhibitors (and their staff) or the Organisation (and their staff and stewards and sub-contractors) will be allowed. In all respects the opinion of the Organisation shall be final in deciding what brakes this, or any other rule. Food stuffs and/or beverages may not be sold from any stand without the express written permission of the Organisation. Under no circumstances will auctioning, pitching, raffles or similar stands will be allowed at this Event without the written permission of the Organisation. If permission is granted, the 1976 Lotteries and Amusements Act will be adhered to. The distribution of leaflets, posters or other promotional material outside the confines of the trade stand allocated to the Exhibitor is forbidden without the written permission of the Organisation. Under no circumstances will any Exhibitor be allowed to display and/ or sell any product and/or service featuring the words, brands or logos of "JAE" or "The Organisation (marketing and events) Limited" unless agreed in writing by the Organisation. No item may be exhibited or machinery operated in such a way that it may create a danger. Exhibitors are responsible for the cleanliness of their stands and all rubbish must be removed at the close of each day. Exhibitors are responsible for the safe keeping of all products or other items on their trade stand. The Organisation will not be responsible in any way for the loss or damage to exhibitor's property howsoever caused. Noise should be kept to a level such that it does not cause a disturbance to the organiser(s), other Exhibitors; and other visitors to the camp area, whether associated with JAE or not. Public address systems, loud speaker systems or other broadcast devices are expressly forbidden without the written permission of the Organisation. In addition, any public address, sound or entertainment system or broadcast must not exceed 100 dB at 5metres Exhibitors must have completed setting up stands and display vehicles by 10am on the first day (Friday) and all support vehicles not parked within the confines of the reserved trade stand must be removed to the general parking areas as designated by the Organisation. Exhibitors will not be allowed to dismantle trade stands or remove display vehicles until 2pm on the last day (Sunday) unless expressly permitted to do so. Such permission must be obtained from the Organisation in writing, prior to the event. Exhibitors will occupy a space no bigger than the area reserved in accordance with the booking form and marked out accordingly. Promotion or advertising by traders and clubs not exhibiting at the JAE is expressly forbidden. In all instance the Organisation shall determine what constitutes promotion or advertising without permission. In all cases all promotion or exhibition staff and any associates will be removed from the Site immediately and without refund.


Exhibitors are required to hold the necessary insurance's against claims by third parties for fire, damage and all other risks. Exhibitors must also indemnify the Organisation against any claims for damage and/or any expenses incurred for whatever reason arising out of the Exhibitor's attendance and/or their exhibits on the Site. For Car Clubs general car insurance per exhibiting car is deemed sufficient. The booking of a trade stand shall be deemed as confirmation by the Exhibitor that the necessary insurance cover has or will be obtained, and that the Exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Site and the Organisation (and staff) and the Organisation's agents and stewards against all and any claims which may arise. Exhibitors participating in Autojumble are required to hold the necessary insurance against claims for third parties for fire, damage and other risks where their vehicles are associated. General car insurance is deemed sufficient for this.


All vehicles must be parked in designated areas. Parking is not permitted in public or general areas or any of the access roads. Washing of vehicles is permitted only in designated areas. All vehicles to be displayed on the Exhibitors' trade stand must be placed within the confines of the area reserved for that trade stand. Vehicles displayed outside the trade stand will have to be moved by the exhibitor to either within the confines of the booked trade stand or to the Site car park. All drivers of display vehicles are expected to give due care and consideration to pedestrians and other road users when arriving and departing. Failure to adhere to this rule may require the vehicle to be moved to the general car park. Vehicle passes must be clearly displayed at all times and must be for the correct day/night. These will be issued upon arrival. Failure to display the correct pass will result in the removal of the vehicle. No miniature motorbikes, powered cycles or similar vehicles are permitted on the Site. The stewards will have clear instructions to ban any vehicle not adhering to the rules or to any vehicle belonging to a club or trader who is in breach of any of these rules.


All equipment rented for the event from The Organisation or one of the recognised suppliers wqill be paid for in full at the time of booking. All damages and non returns will be paid for and will be invoiced after the event. Each Club or Trdaer is wholly responsible for al the equipmment they rent or hire. Failure to return equipment will incur a charge for the full replacement cost. All damage will be paid for in full

Who can attend?

The event is open to members of all Japanese car clubs or just private individuals.

As a visitor, please see the Event info page.

If you run a Japanese car club and wish to register your car club with JAE then please check out the Club Info page.

It will be fantastic to see your club there regardless of how big or small it is, we all have the same goal, the same love and that is Japanese cars.



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