If you want to experience drifting for the first time, or maybe you're already hooked but don't want to actually get behind the wheel yourself then why not catch a Drift Taxi?

JAE was the first UK event to introduce Drift taxis - some ten years ago now. Since then it has been tried and copied at other shows up and down the country. Many people had their first experience of drifting in this way and got hooked.

For others just the thrill of going sideways on our specially designed course is all you need for the adrenalin fix. Drift Taxis are easy, just get in the car, strap yourself in and hold on! It couldn't be simpler and it couldn't be any more fun!

We will have Drift Taxis operating twice a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for you to have a go. On all three days Drift Taxis will operate between 11am and midday and again from 3pm until 4pm. In-between will be the fantastic Learn to

Drift lessons . To hail a Drift Taxi is simple, just turn up at the L2D bus, sign up and get in.

Drift taxis cost £10 per ride, you pay on the day

JAE 2015 is set to be the biggest JAE in history. By the time of the 2015 Club Reps Meeting the number of clubs booked in for 2015 is more than all that turned up in 2014, or any other year! It seems the new venue of Newark Showground is making a positive impact and the new things to do such as Learn to Drift, Off-Road 4x4 and displays such as Crashman Stunts are having a positive effect - and creating for JAE Team a headache too!
Ever ones to rise to the challenge the JAE Team and Newark Showground have expanded the space available for JAE. Welcome everyone to Hanshin!
Car Clubs can still book their required space in the normal way: http://www.japcarclub.org/index.php/club-information/book-your-club-space
Remember the first plot is free. Once booked we'll allocate you the best spot available either in Hanshin or one of the single plots available in other areas if we have them. JAE 2015 is going to be the biggest and best JAE and with more clubs and more to do - and now with more space!

Thank you to all the Car Club Reps who turned up at the JAE 2015 Reps Meeting. No other event - car meet or otherwise - does things quite the way JAE does. Over 80 Club Reps attended the event to see the new venue, hear first hand all the new additions and to ask questions about this year's event.
JAE really is unique. Every club is treated fairly and equally. Everyone gets the very best help and support. We don't put our favourite clubs in one location and those 'less sexy' somewhere else - like some events we could name!
At the Club Reps Meeting we told the representatives about all the new additions for JAE 2015:
Learn 2 Drift: where you can have a one hour lesson in a drift car, not as a passenger like some events; but as a driver with full instruction. That is before finishing off with a few high speed laps at the hands of a pro! Sorry but this is chargeable and can be booked through L2D's website (http://www.learn2drift.com/) or the JAE website - booking page coming soon
Crashman Stunts: where Dave Crashman will be performing his latest stunts and amusing the crowds. This is not a one-off lunchtime special but a whole series of displays, stunts and events throughout both Saturday and Sunday. For those wanting to experience it up close Dave will be offering passenger rides to raise money for his charity. The full timetable: http://www.japcarclub.org/index.php/club-information/timetable
4x4 Off-roading: In association with Yellow Diamond we will offer a FREE* 4x4 area for all those that want it. Passengers don't need the special ticket. We are also offering passenger rides and competitive events. All the money raised from passenger rides will go to charity. Competitions will be announced later. 4x4 is open all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Gates open midday Thursday for advanced entry, and set up
Kamikaze Kitchen will be at JAE for the first time. This is a really exciting addition and is authentic Japanese cooking done to a very high standard. Full details of Kamikaze Kitchen will be announced later but for now, just book your place in the queue!
Food Theme Nights will operate in the hall adjacent to JAE Admin. Menus will be announced later but expect to see the likes of Chilli, Curries and so on for a good sit down meal indoors. The Hall will also be where the evening's entertainment will take place.
* - you will need a Thursday ticket or a 4x4 ticket for drivers only to do this. Day visitors can buy an extra 4x4 access (£10) from JAE Admin
Friday and Saturday nights at JAE will feature a mix of disco, live band and, hopefully a karaoke, as well as pub quiz (Kuiza) and other events and activities. The trophy presentation will be after fireworks to allow people more time to get ready for the evening's entertainment. Because of noise issues outside noise must turn down at 11:30pm However the bar, disco and other night time entertainment will go on until 2am! As well as a full bar you can still bring your own drinks into the venue. Speaking of indoors, for those that have watched this part of JAE grow over the last couple of years the new hall is much bigger than our old massive Event-Tent!
Please note: after the fireworks hazard lights etc are fine. NO REVVING OF ENGINES. Aside from being illegal (failure to control a vehicle) you've probably been drinking (drunk in charge of a vehicle) and unless your seated, door close, seat belt on you're breaking multiple other laws as well. But most of all the locals don't want it and we don't want to piss them off!!! Security have been told to come down hard on anyone doing this and may confiscate your cars keys or give you the option to leave - if you have been drinking this means on foot! As a community we really must put a stop to this anti-social behaviour. Club Reps we are asking for your help.
Gates open as ever at midday on Thursday and stay open 24 hours a day until we close on Sunday. There is now a whole lot more for you to do on the Sunday for those who want to stay, Learn to Drift, Crashman Stunts, 4x4 - and some other things we are still working on! http://www.japcarclub.org/index.php/club-information/timetable#sunday
HKS are again the JAE Prime Sponsor and will be on hand to make our inter club Its-a-Knockout better than ever. For 2015 we no longer have Dragon Boats - no lake - but will be adding something new to the competition. Full IKO details will be announced soon:  http://www.japcarclub.org/index.php/club-information/competitions
Dodo Juice are once again sponsoring our free to enter Show n Shine. With a £2000 total prize fund it's certainly a competition worth entering. Expect to see the Dodo Man with his spy close inspecting your paintwork! Cars entering the competition will be on display all day Saturday outside JAE Admin and our Entertainment Hall. Cars will be judged throughout the day and will form a main attraction. So get polishing, get your sponsors logos on the car and hope you win!
All the clubs that have booked are now plotted on our map and we will soon be releasing a new field for those not yet booked. Already we have more clubs booked for 2015 than turned up in 2014! It seems the new venue really is making a positive difference. So don't forget we are now at Newark Showground. If you have booked your plot and not yet arranged marquees, power, tables and chairs you can now do this online: http://www.japcarclub.org/index.php/club-information/book-your-club-equipment
If you have not booked your plot, the first one (20m x 20m) is free, after that it's £25 per plot. A dozen+ cars and tents etc. will all fit on one 20m x 20m plot - in case you need a help with sizing. http://www.japcarclub.org/index.php/club-information/book-your-club-space
Thanks to Japanese Performance, Banzai and Auto Mission for their continued support. For those going to Le Mans with us - see you there! For those not see you in September!



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