JAE 2015 will see an increase in the number of traders over recent years. The new venue is ot only attracting more clubs and more people but more traders! So check out who's there and look them up before you come to JAE - you might want to order something in advance for collection at this year's show.


  • HKS
  • Dodo Juice
  • Callaway Motorsport
  • Tintinit
  • Studio 448
  • NKE Performance
  • Project Togue
  • RAC
  • Foxy Faces
  • X1 Automotive
  • MobileECO Tuning
  • Pro Coatings
  • Jap-Hogs
  • Dent Remover Hull
  • Dodo Juice
  • Direct Detailing
  • STLTHY Clothing
  • Photography UK
  • Kode Performance
  • Racetrack Challenge
  • E P Racing
  • Wheel Whores
  • Kleenfreaks
  • Heavy Set
  • Rally For Heroes
  • 6 Two 1
  • Cams Performance
  • HTEC Elite
  • Compbrake Motorsport
  • Fensport
  • Invo Auto
  • Summit
  • The Complete Party
  • Dasstech Garage
  • Eleanors Pantry
  • Sweet Choice
  • Kamikaze Kitchen

Yes he's back once again to sek out the best cars and award the best of JAE.

The Dodo Juice Show n Shine competition is open to anyone at JAE and it's free to enter! And if you're car is good enough you might win one of the many prizes on offer. The total prize fund for the JAE Show n Shine is over £1000 !

To register simply go to the Dodo stand and ask the big man if you can have an entry. Parking your car in front of the stand at the time might help - it might not of course! Buying something to get the car super clean will probably help too. The Dodo man will be on hand with his magic eye to look deep into your paintwork as only the best will win. There are prizes for every major Japanese manufacturer too so plenty of chances to win! And there is a special prize for Best Overseas Car. SDo if you own one of these and you think it's good enough you might win:

  • Daihatsu
  • Honda
  • Lexus
  • Mazda
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Subaru
  • Suzuki
  • Toyota
  • Datsun

The Show n Shine runs all day Saturday. To register get to the Dodo Man on Friday and show him what you've got. Or turn up early on Saturday and if there are places left you're in! The cars must be parked in the Main Arena from 10am on Saturday until prize giving at around 5pm. After that you're free to go and hopefully with a stack of Dodo Juice goodies and a trophy to impress. Show n SHine also countys for IKO points now, but only for the winners so don't mob the show you won't get extra points.

Any questions ask at JAE Admin or speak to the Dodo Man.

Good luck! Get cleaning!

New for JAE 2015 -Kamikaze Wings!- you have been warned

After the success last year of the Nandos Hot Wings challenge we have gone one better! Thanks to our friends at the Kamikaze Kitchen we now bring you Kamikaz Wings - like Nandos XXX Hot IWngs - only hotter! If you're up for the challenge then make sure your Club Rep knows and enters you.

The event will be for you to eat the wings in the quickest time. It really is that simple. Honest



DODO Juice


 Nankang NEW


 David Glover Photography



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