Bookings now open for JAE 2016.

We are taking car club stand space bookings in strict order and will ask you if you want the same plot as last year for anyone booking in October. After that it's strictly first come first served. Booking process as before, first plot free. HOWEVER, please now that you know the venue better and have seen the improved access for most areas bear in mind the space you need. Too many clubs had lots of empty space and not for the first time. We are happy to refund you if we think you've ordered to much year after year.

Thank you for your cooperation.

What a fantastic JAE! The new venue certainly did us proud as did all those who took part in the fun and games and in the competitions. Huge thanks to our IKO sponsors HKS and our Show n Shine Sponsors Dodo Juice

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The JAE 2015 roll of honour:

    • Open Tug of War – MR2 Owners Club
    • Limited Tug of War - MR2 Owners Club
    • Pit Stop Challenge – Team Chasing 7
    • Gladiator Joust – MR2 Owners Club
    • Team Relay race – GTOUK
    • Kuiza (pub quiz) – Team Chasing 7
    • Japanese food eating – Total Jap
    • Car Pull Competition – MR2 Owners Club
    • Fell the Pain endurance – Team Chasing 7
    • Bungee Run – N E Japs
    • Kamikaze Wings eating – Celica Club
    • Virtual Race Challenger – 300 ZX ClubandGT86 Drivers Club
    • Cosplay winners – Just Jap
    • IKO Team Winners – MR2 Owners Club
  • Dodo Juice Show n Shine
    • Best Lexus – Outlaw Jap Club
    • Best Datsun – Team Fuji
    • Best Suzuki – Dent Remover Hull (trader)
    • Best Nissan – Car Friends
    • Best Mazda – Club 323F
    • Best Subaru – Manchester Subaru Club
    • Best Honda – Old Hondas UK
    • Best Toyota – Miss Banzai
  • Best Overseas Car Club – Nissan Club Nederland
  • Best Activities on a Club Stand – GTOUK
  • Best Overall Car Club – Elgrand Owners Club

Thanks for all the feedback from Reps, both at the event and post event the work you guys n gals do really makes JAE the best event of the year.

With Newark being a new venue we know people now understand it better and what they like best. We also know that some like their plots and some have their eyes on other areas - all part of getting to know the new showground.

So, for the month of October we will have GRANDFATHER RIGHTS for those clubs wanting to book and after that it's back to first come first served.

If you do want a change it might pay to get in during the month of October and let us know you want a change and we will work through that list in order of receipt of payment.

Details of how to do all this following soon.



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