A very merry Christmas to everyone and for those who don't celebrate may we wish you the best of the season and hope you spend time with friends, family and loved ones and enjoy some time away from work. Have a superb New Year and best of wishes for 2016.
Over the next week or so we will be redevloping our website making some changes and making it easier for you to find information. More a declutter than a rewrite. We will also be transferring our email and other techie bits to a new system to allow all our Regional Reps to be better prepared for 2016 and to make it easier for us all to run JAE in our spare time. Remember, JAE is run by car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts.
See you all in 2016!
The JAE Team

With a stack of clubs already having booked their stands it looks like JAE 2016 could even break the records of 2105 - our biggest event ever! The new venue with all it has to offer certainly seems to be working and for 2016 we are going to do even more. New content is being added in the main arena for you to watch and take part in and a bigger IKO with more events is added to with some additional activities taking place in the 4x4 course and runway as well as an all new Show n Shine competition!

With the new, bigger venue and all the new content comes challenges but we are determined to keep JAE as the ultimate Japanese car show for the UK and Europe and to keep adding more, doing more, offering more.

Tickets for JAE2016 will go on sale in January. There will be no Sunday day ticket. Sunday we will have activities and events going on but we see it as a day to chill and unwind after the fun and excesses of the weekend. A time to relax and say a few last farewells of the season. There will still be stuff to do but we want to make Saturday the event the locals come to and the one day visitors come to see. That means some changes to ticket pricing. We've also taken your feedback on ticket pricing and recognise that charging £5 more for Thursday is not always seen as fair. For many clubs those setting up come on Thursday and that means those doing the work pay more. With little to offer on Thursday - other than another night of socialising and drinking! - it seems the main events start on Friday. So we've ditched the different fees and now there's a one flat fee whenever you arrive and stay. There is still a discount for advanced booking. Again we've listened to the clubs and now the difference between advance and on the gate is more. That helps club reps plan and prepare better as they will have a better idea of numbers, encouraging more people to book early.

New ticket prices are as follows:

Full event ticket (in advance) £45 per person

Full event ticket (on the gate) £60 per person

Saturday day visitor (no car entry) £20 per person

Children under 12 (with an adult) FREE

JAE 2016 is going to be bigger than ever with much more to see and do and a whole lot more for you to enjoy! See you all at JAE!!!!

We are really pleased to announce that JAE 2016 will be held at Newark Showground and again run from Thursday through Sunday. For 2016 the gates will still open at midday on Thursday and for the entire event gates will stay open to anyone coming to the show. Day tickets will be avaiable on SATURDAY only, there will be no Sunday day tickets. Advanced tckets will be available for the entire event, details to follow. As in previous years Saturday day visitors will be allowed in but vehicles remain outside as always. We will look at a dedicated parking area for Jap vehicles but not a display rather just a segregated parking area.

You can book your Car Club plot now and until the end of October 2015 can claim Grandfather Rights to your 2015 plot (subject to venue changes and other JAE layout alterations). After that it is first-come-first-served to get the best plots. With the new venue we know some clubs want to change plots having got a better feel for the showground so we want to give everyone the chance to change but also know some want to keep their plot, hence the early and shortened Grandfather Rights booking process.

The dates for JAE 2016 are 8-11 September 2016



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