dog rescuePeople often ask if JAE allows pets, and in particular dogs. Yes, we do. Please make sure however that all animals are on a leash at all times and muzzled if necessary. However - we've gone a whole lot better than just allowing dogs at JAE.....New for 2016 we now have a JAE DOG CRECHE!

Samsalin Dog Rescue is an independent non profit, making charity. The rescue started in approximately 1994. The name Samsalin derives from three dogs which the co-ordinators owned at the time of starting the rescue.

The Co-ordinators for Samsalin Dog Rescue are Steve and Caroline. Steve originally started the rescue and has a back ground in both working and show dogs and has worked closely with local Dog Wardens, Police, The Dogs Trust and the Kennel Club to help promote good dog ownership. Caroline also has experience of working dogs and works her own dogs and is a qualified training instructor and groomer. Together, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience of dogs which helps them to run the rescue.

Samsalin takes in working bred gundogs i.e. English Springer Spaniels, English Cocker Spaniels, Labradors and Hunt Point Retrieve Breeds. There are many reasons why a dog comes in to rescue some are because of death, divorce, moving abroad. Occasionally people buy a dog and then realise that a gundog does not suit their lifestyle as well as they thought it would. The dogs can be as young as 8 weeks and the oldest dog re-homed was 15 years.

Whilst in the care of Samsalin Dog Rescue, the dogs are assessed to determine their character and abilities. This then gives the rescue opportunity to match the dog with a suitable home. Samsalin Dog Rescue has a waiting list of people to re-home dogs. If you would like to be put on the waiting list please fill in the adoption form. If you need to re-home your dog please contact the rescue via the contacts page. Please remember to be honest in the reasons for re-homing your dog. By being honest with its faults, can the help the rescue understand it and appropriate training can be given whilst a suitable home is found.

Samsalin does not have set charges for rescue dogs and relies on the generosity of the new owner to help continue caring for the other rescue dogs.

ticket compIf you've not yet ordered your JAE tickets now is the time to do it. We are giving someone a chance to have their ticket paid for! In fact not just one but TWO FREE TICKETS.

To be in with a chance of winning simply order your ticket online in our JAE SHOP. For every ticket you order we will add your name to the list of potential winners. The more you buy the more chance you've got of winning! One winner will get two tickets for free - or a refund on two tickets they've purchased. Just order now and we will give you the entry fee back if you win. It's really that simple!


jae3Ever since the days of Peterborough we have offered marquees for clubs (and traders) that wanted it. Along with lighting towers, tables, chairs and power supplies it's been one part of JAE that clubs have called upon to fit out their stand. In 2015 we moved to a new venue and with it came power supplies that could be laid out from distribution points, rather than hiring generators. Please note Makuhari and Tatsumi - we cannot provide power to these fields. As a result of this change it now makes less sense for JAE to get involved in marquee ordering, in all its various shapes and sizes.  Starting 2016 you can now order your marquees direct and, if you are in Makuhari or Tatsumi our marquee provider can also provide generators for you.

Marquees ordered through the JAE official supplier will be erected on Wednesday and Thursday morning ready for your arrival on site. Other marquee providers will only be allowed on site on Thursday and we will need their Safety Assessment, Method Statement, Insurance and all permits, plus they are fully liable for any damagae caused to power cables, mains water and drainage pipework. We reserve the right not to allow them on site or to stop them from working. In short - if you want a marquee use the JAE supplier! 

So, if you need a marequee, tables, chairs (or power to one of the fields specified) please contact Craig at Salop Events

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