su mm itIt is with great pleasure we can announce that the JAE Pub Quiz (Kuiza) is to be sponsored by S-U-MM-I-T.

See you at the Kuiza!S-U-MM-I-T will be providing spot prizes for the competition for those clever brains (or just lucky guessers) amongst us. The Kuiza takes place on Friday night and is open to all car clubs to enter a team - 1 team per club please. Teams must consist of no more than five people and, if your club is short we do allow ringers! Kuiza points also count towards the HKS IKO Team Trophy as well. So get swatting up on all manner of obscure and interesting facts and see you in the Kuiza - oh and don't forget to bring your own beer or other drinks for the evening to enjoy. Bring a fully working pen/pencil and you also get a point! No really!!!!!


caravanJAE is a Japanese Car show but also it's the biggest social event and gathering of Jap Car enthusiasts pretty much anywhere. With it being a four day event that means tents, camper vans, caravans or hotels for most of the visitors. Locals get to drive home and miss out on the late night drinking!


If you want to bring your Camper Van in, it does not have to be Japanese - heck I doubt many of the tents are Jap! However, as it's your 'static home' for the event we are okay that you park it on the club stand or in a camping area but it must stay there for the duration and be at the back of the car displays, with the tents, if on a club stand. For caravans the same applies but if the vehicle towing it is non-Jap then after dropping off and setting up the car must be returned to the secure general parking area (we''ll borrow fifty quid off you while you're in there to be sure you don't "forget", and then you get the cash back when you remember to park the car back outside). Help us keep JAE pure Jap but please feel free to bring your mobile home - of what ever nationality.

There is no extra fee for camper vans or caravans and they can be parked on a club pitch or in the camping areas also at no additional fee


hks logoHKS and JAE are really pleased to announce a renewal of the mega-sponsorship deal for the JAE Its-a-Knockout competitions.
Having been involved in JAE for many years now and actively sponsoring, supporting, and even taking part in JAE's IKO; HKS have now put together a massive sponsorship package for all those taking part. Every team member whether it be Tug-o-War, Five-a-side or Pub Quiz and every individual whether it be Car Pull, Strong Man, Jousting, Bungee Run etc. will win some fantastic prizes from HKS. The stack of stuff they have given to the IKO winners is massive and runs into thousands of pounds worth of good HKS items.

Massive thank you to Maz and the HKS team for supporting JAE!



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