red dragonFor most people Godzilla is the giant of Japanese legend, but for JAE we have our very own Red Dragon!

Your chance to experience the thrill of riding a Monster Truck and seeing just how much damage these beasts can do. From Friday through Sunday the Monster Truck will be doing it's thing and you can pay to go in one of the seats or get to choose the Adrenalin Seat and be up next to the driver! We will run the rides as long as we can but you might want to get there early........just so you can come back again!

There is no booking for the Monster Truck, just wait in line and be sure to enjoy the ride

Oh, just one more thing. Please don't park your car near where the Monster Truck is performing, you never know what might happen..........

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Suzuki Air Triser TMS 8 850x501Each Car Club at JAE is allowed up to ONE Support vehicle. A Support Vehicle is typically a large/estate car, MPV or van; something used to bring stuff in and take it out and to store vital equipment. You don't have to bring a support vehicle in but, if you do, then of course all adult occupants (and children 12 and above) will still need a ticket to gain entry.

A few rules first about Support Vehicles

  • JAE Admin and Security reserve the right to remove a Support Vehicle pass if we believe the rules are being flouted
  • When parked they must be at the back of your club stand
  • They are only to be driven on site when arriving and leaving and should take the shortest practical route to/from your club stand and the main gate
  • Each car will need to display CLEARLY the Support Vehicle Pass, which must be completed in full. Vehicles without this displayed may be asked to leave the venue and have their pass revoked

Please, let's keep JAE the show it is and not have all manner of flotsam and jetsam driving around.

How do you get a Support Vehicle Pass?

Each car club has been allocated one pass. These are available from JAE Admin whilst the office is open. When the office is closed passes will not be available. That may mean you have to walk into the venue first to collect your pass. For those arriving early on Thursday, Support Vehicle Passes will be available on the gate with our Gate Security Team.

At all times JAE reserves the right to remove Support Vehicle Passes, or ask a vehicle to leave the venue.

Remember: the van does not have to be Jap!


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Remember this is a Support Vehicle Pass, not just a pass for the Chairman because he owns a Jag!

s1702 ts08 29The Race Car display has just been added to with a stunning Celica GT4 from the Toyota Sprint Series.

The car is fitted with Tein coilovers and a Recaro drivers seat, but otherwise pretty standard apart from a Helix clutch and boost controller, Yellow Stuff brake pads and alloy wheels. In other words it's not had a lot done to it but is ideally set up for the Street Class in the Toyota Sprint Series. The Street Class is for cars with limited performance modifications, ie full interior, road tyres. In other words you too could easily be competing in this series! Why not have a chat with the driver or someone from TSS and they'll tell you more.

A wide variety of cars compete in the Toyota Sprint Series, from the modern and sporty GT86 to the economic Prius, and more classic Celicas, MR2s and unusual variants such as the Levin. There is a class for every type of Toyota within the series to enhance competition – this is split into engine capacity and how prepared the car is for ‘street’ or ‘pro’ competition. After JAE, there will be 2 rounds left of the 2017 TSS but entries are still welcome; or maybe just come along and watch and find out more:

  • Cadwell Park 1st October
  • Snetterton 21st October




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