IMG 20160322 104857 600x450New for JAE 2017 we have a Race Paddock. Full of some really cool race cars and something for you to look at, sit in and talk to the owners about.

All these cars are not only Japanese (of course) but they are also competing in UK race series' and championships. So, as well as checking out the cars, you can talk to drivers, owners and competition organisers. Whether you want to go along and watch them race, maybe organise a club stand and following or actually compete yourself! The JAE race Paddock is the perfectly place to find out more. We will be announcing the cars one by one as we go through the Summer but first a sneak peak at what to expect.

If you want to know more ask us or check out the race cars and find out more. Or if you think you and your car should really be on show as well, tell us why.

See you at JAE - see these cars on track.


If you're looking for a club plot for 30 cars at this year's JAE you'll have to opt for a slightly smaller plot, of 25 cars or GO BIG for a 50 car plot. We also have 12- car plots for smaller clubs. 

Yes, SHUTO is sold out and all the plots full. JAE operates a first-come-first-served policy with bookings so, if you haven't booked yet, you'd better do it quickly! Plenty of other areas are selling out too so SHUTO won't be the last to be sold out.

If you're in doubt of what to book:

25 cars - KANETSU


...and if you want to know how to book follow this link

maxresdefaultClubs wanting to order bulk tickets - buy ten get one free - have until 5 May to order. After that date there will be no more offer.

All tickets will be emailed to you for onward distribution. Please be sure to order your tickets now to avoid disappointment.

Tickets can be ordered here: https://japcarclub.org/index.php/shop/ticket 



DODO Juice


 Nankang NEW


 David Glover Photography



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