JAE on Saturday night will play host to The Bowes and if you want to hear what they sound like when not doing covers here you are: https://soundcloud.com/thebowesuk
The guys are local to JAE and are made up of Reif - Guitar and vocals, Edward - Guitar, Ed - Bass, Will - Drums and backing vocals.
Following on from the success of Out of Nowehere last year we're bringing you local talent and a chance to rock the night away on Saturday.

When it rains at JAE people just get on with it, that is the attitude at JAE. If it's raining go out in shorts (or mankini) as there's less to get dry when you get back to your club pitch. Stay inside, open a beer (or two) and relax with your fellow club members and mates. But when it's dry and warm, when it's sunny then JAE really comes into its own! The IKO gets hotter as teams get more competitive, for the Dragon Boaters the lake looks even more tempting and for those who want to relax and enjoy, beer and barbecue it couldn't be better. For JAE 2014, the weather is looking decidedly sunny and very warm too!

We have a new IKO competition for 2014 - F1 car simulator.
The F1 car is manufactured by specialist fabrication companies based near Silverstone, and who have years of experience of working with different racing teams, including manufacturing components and materials for the motorsport industry. Incorporating many replica carbon fibre racing suspension components and glass fibre body panels, formed using original moulds, the car weighs less than 320kg (approx 700 lbs). Including the engine, the car would typically weigh just over 500kg, so it is no wonder with this ‘power to weight ratio’, that the car acceleration typically is from 0 to 100mph and back to a 0 in less than five seconds!

AT JAE, once you've finished your lap(s) you will get a time and, as with all the IKO competitions, points will be awarded for the best times. The winner will get his/her trophy on Saturday evening and the points will count towards the IKO Team Trophy.



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