Where are you located?
Want to know where your car club is? Want to find out who your neighbours are? Make sure all your club members know where to go and plan your visit to JAE by finding where your fellow clubs and friends are.
Full plans of the JAE 2014 layout and club locations can be found below.
For 2014 we have had to make major changes to the layouts of Tsukuba and Okayama so there may be some minor alterations as we get accustomed to how the marking out works out in reality and how we translate the plans onto the ground. Thank you for your consideration in case of any changes.

JAE is an event like no other. Not only is it FOUR DAYS, but it also has no track and is all about the people, the cars, the community. JAE is also like no other event - every year we add more and more for you to do, all included in the price. For 2014 we have a number of new things but the HOT NEW CHALLENGE for 2014 will be the Nandos Hot Wings Eating Competition.
This is in addition to the Japanese Food Eating Competition - we even have something new for that this year! Nandos will be on site at JAE to run the event. But before and after that you have plenty of chances to win some great Nandos give-aways and everyone with a show guide who goes to Nandos in Kettering while you're at JAE will even get free drinks!

If you fancy your chances at the Hot Wings Challenge you have to enter the competition, spaces are limited so email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you want to win some Nandos prizes just come and visit their stand at JAE.

HKS and JAE are really pleased to announce a new mega-sponsorship deal for the JAE Its-a-Knockout competitions.
Having been involved in JAE for many years now and actively sponsoring, supporting, and even taking part in JAE's IKO; HKS have now put together a massive sponsorship package for all those taking part. Every team member whether it be Tug-o-War, Five-a-side, Dragon Boats or Pub Quiz etc. and every individual whether it be Car Pull, Strong Man, Jousting, Bungee Run etc. will win some fantastic prizes from HKS. The stack of stuff they have given to the IKO winners is massive and runs into thousands of pounds worth of good HKS items.
Every IKO winner as well as receiving prestigious JAE medals and trophies will also receive something special from HKS.
As part of the new sponsorship deal the events and activities are now known as the HKS IKO. Watch out for the newly branded HKS IKO team at this year's event. Take part and win with HKS!
pictures above and below are just some of the prizes you could win!



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 Nankang NEW


 David Glover Photography



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