New for JAE 2014 were two awards - Best Overseas Car Club and Best Overseas Car
Over the years we have had many clubs and individuals attend from far and wide: Ireland, Belgium Luxembourg, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany to name just some. In that time we have seen a huge variety of cars and it never amazes us to see the efforts people go to, to get to JAE. True some of our friends 'north of the border' have an even longer journey but who knows maybe in a year's time they too will qualify for 'Best Overseas'?
In 2014 we awarded these two new trophies. The winner of the best Overseas Car was a beautifully prepared and well looked after Nissan S12.
The Best Overseas Car Club was won by Nissan Club Nederland: http://www.nissanclub.nl/oud/index.php?PHPSESSID=1b1ad25dce0d8a589f3233afe1c7a2f7;wwwRedirect

This year's HKS IKO competition was a tightly contested competition and the overall winner went right down to the last competition. Thankfully we don't include Cosplay in the competition otherwise it might have been a lot of calculating for the organisers right at the end. As the HKS IKO expands it's great to see smaller clubs doing well and picking up wins and seconds. Now we don't allow B-Teams the balance is shifting back to clubs picking and choosing where to compete and how to win. 2015 promises to be an interesting year but for now the roll call of winners for 2014:
The overall HKS IKO Champions for 2014 ar Miss Banzai
The HKS IKO Wooden Spoon winners are Car Friends - not bad considering this was there first ever JAE!

JAE Dragon Boats for the past two years have kept a small group of Sinbads and Captains Pugwash amused on the great lake at Wicksteed Park. Hardly a great draw for spectators but those that compete like it and take it very seriously. In true JAE style it's not the winning that counts but the taking part. Which is why we are happy to publish the final results and name the winners!!! :)



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