2016PlanWow what an exhausting Reps Meet (more about that later) and what a manic few days before and after as clubs scrambled for their best location - wanting to be near some clubs (far away from others!). JAE is always a complex juggling act to give every club what it would like and it's always good to see clubs working together to find solutions. For our second year at Newark Showground we've had the busiest session with clubs trying to get everything to fit. The JAE Team want to thank all the Club Reps for all your help an input:

  • The most clubs booking before the reps meet
  • The most club size changes in the history of JAE
    • some clubs need more space as they are expanding
    • without the need for complex roads and a lot more proper roadways access is easier and so the space you need is less
      • all very confusing!

With the changes we have given every club possible their Grandfather Rights and where that has proved difficult have located you as close as we possibly can to where you were last year. Unlike other shows and events we don't have favourites - we love all Jap cars and all Jap car clubs! So we treat everyone equally fairly and place you according to your previous year's claim and in the order you book.

The new layouts can be found under the CAR CLUB menu


Roll on JAE 2016!



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