Hailing a taxi will never be the same again!

JAE was the first event in the UK to bring you Drift Taxis. Okay, at the time we simply called them Drift Passenger Rides but way back as far as 20015,  JAE was organising drift experiences for those that wanted to know what it was like to go sideways. Manhy events have sinced copied JAE's lead and now Drift Taxis can be found at other events. But, to celebrate ten years of Drifting Passenger Rides in the Uk we are bringing back Drift Taxis.

JAE is now the first event to bring you Drfiting Lessons. In the form of a one hour experience we hope this gives you a taster and if you want to take it further L2D will be on hand to help and advise the next steps and how to book more lessons.

Team years is a long time to wait but adding L2D Drift Lessons to Drift Taxis we think you'll agree it's long overdue but worth the wait.

See you on track - sideways!



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