Crashman Stunts will be on hand at JAE to do what he does best and to give a real smash of a show. But now, for the first time ever at JAE Crashman is teaming up with Team Daring Dante to bring you a more explosive show than ever before!

Shows will take place on Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes. There will be a break from the Drifting Lessons and Drift taxis and also from the off-road 4x4 course so everyone can watch Crashman and Daring Dante do what they do best! Car Crashes, Fire Stunts and Pyrotechnics, Precision Driving and, for those brave enough, passenger rides! A show not to be missed and something very new for JAE.

Crashman will also be trying to break the ultimate in precision driving records. He will be attempting to slide his car between two parked cars with only millimeters to spare. If he does it this will be a second world record for JAE and a whole new world record for Crashman!

See you at the show!



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