You might call it Fancy Dress but for those really into their dressing up in japan will know it as Cosplay.

JAE is unique in so many ways not least of which is the fact that the organisers don't have all the ideas and those that come bring their own brand of madness to the event. And so it was several years ago when a few clubs started dressing up. First it was for their club's themed dinners and latterly just an excuse for anyone and everyone to indulge in some good old fashion dress up. We soon realised this was somehting many people wanted to do and without any push from the orgniserrs became the Saturday night ritual for many.

Like roaming minstrels those dressed up go walkabout around the JAE event meeting fellow revellers and dropping by on other car clubs. Such is the number of people coming to JAE to dress up that we now have our very own Best Dressed Car Club award which is judged just before the awards presentation on Saturday night.

2015 is no different only with a bigger JAE expect to see more fancy dress and more people joining in. From young to old, everyone is welcome and two years ago the club that won Best dressed did so with a lot of help from a three year old Spiderman!

If you don't want t dress up then enjoy the cavalcade of people wandering around JAE on Saturday, but if you do..... have fun and see you at the awards evening!



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