If you want to experience drifting for the first time, or maybe you're already hooked but don't want to actually get behind the wheel yourself then why not catch a Drift Taxi?

JAE was the first UK event to introduce Drift taxis - some ten years ago now. Since then it has been tried and copied at other shows up and down the country. Many people had their first experience of drifting in this way and got hooked.

For others just the thrill of going sideways on our specially designed course is all you need for the adrenalin fix. Drift Taxis are easy, just get in the car, strap yourself in and hold on! It couldn't be simpler and it couldn't be any more fun!

We will have Drift Taxis operating twice a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for you to have a go. On all three days Drift Taxis will operate between 11am and midday and again from 3pm until 4pm. In-between will be the fantastic Learn to

Drift lessons . To hail a Drift Taxi is simple, just turn up at the L2D bus, sign up and get in.

Drift taxis cost £10 per ride, you pay on the day



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