JAE is often the first to do many things. Where else have you been that did Dragon Boats - sorry but no lake at Newark. Other events may do tug-o-war etc. but we started it and still have the HKS sponsored JAE IKO. Japanese style Pub Quiz, Japanese food eating competition and much more besides.

But did you know JAE was the first event to offer Drift Taxis? Okay so we didn't call them that but cast your mind way back to the first year at Peterborough's East of England Showground. Long before Wicksteed Park and even before Mersea Island.

And now another first...................

JAE will be the first event to incorporate Learn to Drift rides. rather than just a five minute run as a passenger you will get the chance to take the wheel and learn how to drift! That before some final high speed laps at the hands of a professional. Okay so it's not for everyone and for that reason it will be on an adjacent runway to JAE away from the tents and camping. But we hope you like the new addition and will take up the chance and Learn to Drift.

Children from the age of 14 (with parents consent) can even have a go.

Booking will be at L2D's web shop or the JAE web shop and you can book and reserve a time long before you get to JAE. Look out for another announcement soon when bookings go online!



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