Since moving to Newark Showground JAE has been swamped with interest from new clubs and seen a resurgence in the space required for long standing members of the whole JAE scene. Existing clubs getting bigger and new clubs coming on board can only mean one thing - we need more space! With 200+ days to go we've now secured another field for use at JAE 2015 - Tatsumi. If you want to know why Tatsumi, following the theme of Japanese street meets and venues here's why: Speedhunters at Tatsumi

The new site is a large square flat area and will house the revised Quiet Camping area in one secluded corner. It also gives us access to more toilets and is closer to some of the fast runway action - details will be announced about that later! For now however if you've booked and are waiting on the new plots you now know where you'll be - detailed plans to follow. For those not yet booked here's your chance to get the pick of the new location.
For those wanting to know a lot more - see you at the JAE Car Club Reps Meeting on 25 April at Newark Showground.



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