It would be true to say everyone so far has been very patient with regards JAE 2015 and confirmation of dates.  Since JAE 2014 ended we've been analysing the situation at Wicksteed Park. For next year they plan more planting - we still haven't got a map for this year's plants! They also plan more work and will have access to a lot of the firelds we rely on. Sadly, while we have been working hard to make JAE happen at Wicksteed Park they seem a little less flexible.
In parallel with all that we have been meeting other venues and exploring other options. We've dismissed some venues and are now in discussions with three potential venues, all of whom want long term arangements with us and which we think would be great for JAE.
Events from time to time have to move. Just the parking space for cars now would more than fill Billing. Peterborough still has a huge grandstand in the middle and has major noise issues with neighbours. As for Mersea that's way too smal and way to far out of the way (unless you live in Essex)
More details coming soon and confirmation of venue and dates but for now please bear with us while we work on this.



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