"The one they all want to win" was how the Best Car Club trophy was described to us this year by one of the national magazines covering this year's JAE.
It's always a tough decision to make as so many clubs put so much into it. We never use the same judges twice and we never tell the clubs who is judging. The clubs really have to be on their toes all weekend and it comes down to a lot of things. Not only do we look at the display of cars but also how the club reacts to people 'popping over for a chat' how tidy it is (no litter please!) and how much effort generally goes into a great display and a good atmosphere. But it's not all big clubs, we recognise that smaller clubs can do a lot with what they have an in the past clubs with no more than a handful of cars have won it.

For 2014 there were four clubs that stood out but special mention has to be made of the FTO Owners Club. They came very close to winning, had a great display - including one 'interloper' and were good fun to chat to. But it was always going to be a difficult decision and one that came down to a lot of discussion between the judges. In the end the winners of the 2014 Best car Club at JAE was the International MR2 Owners Club/GT86 BRZ Drivers Club



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