There are a number of awards that stand out at JAE, The IKO team Trophy, Best Overseas Club and Car as well as all the other competition awards. For those that run and organise the club stands The IKO Team Trophy recognises the hard work done by team managers in getting everyone organised and to the games. 'Back at base' the two awards that epitomise everything the clubs' management does for members are the Best Activities on a Club Stand and the Best Car Club.
For 2014 the Best Activities once again was shared. It happened before and we never thought it would happen again and this time also with very good reason. JAE has, in the past had proposals, and is responsible for many people meeting their loved ones – usually somewhere between the barbecue and a car or waiting in line for the showers! Never before have we had a JAE Wedding and for 2014 we didn’t just have one wedding but we had two! How do you top that? What on earth can be better on a JAE car Club stand than two wedding receptions and, for one lucky couple, they even got married at Wicksteed Park – but then they did meet at JAE and he did propose at JAE.
It is with huge congratulations that this year’s Best Activities on a Club Stand goes to Pure JDM and to Club 323F. In particular we want to congratulate Oz & Tracy, and Marc & Karissa



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