The main access road has seen some new tarmac - finally! Though the top half of the main loop in was done a couple of years ago, the section under the trees parallel to the main road has been a mess for a couple of years now.  Finally, however the powers that be at Wicksteed Park have replaced the old worn out road with some nice smooth tarmac and a much clearer pedestrian crossing.
Wicksteed Park plays host to thousands of people and a significant number of them are children and so the remainder of the main road in still contains traffic calming which we know for some will be an issue. Sorry but there is nothing that can be done about this. Traffic calming is therefore an essential and necessary part of the road and anything that makes it safer for children where cars are concerned has to be a good thing. Take it easy drive slowly and you should be okay, or follow the road around on the grass and take it easy that way.



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