In 2013 we completely rewrote the JAE website and added a new JAE App. At JAE 2014 we took on board the comments of car club reps, traders and people visiting the show. As a resault of all this we have reworked our website again and produced a much sleeker solution. As well as regular updates via a blog ("Latest News & Updates") we have also added a shop for traders to order their stands and equipment, a shop for clubs to order their stands and equipment and an online ticket shop.*
The new site is now live and we hope to add updates as we go. You will also see new plans being drawn, in part because of major ground works on site but also to make it easier for people to find their stands.
As well as all that the new site now works on your mobile!
Welcome to the new JAE website
* tickets will be available soon and will close several days before JAE



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