JAEJAE competitions are not about winning, but about taking part, having fun and getting involved with other clubs. Whether it's individual competitions with your fellow club mates cheering you on or whether it's team events with clubs rooting for their favourites, the aim is to do something you would never otherwise do! But there are trophies and awards for the best, the luckiest and, for one club, the best example of just turning up and having a go. Yes, even the club that has a go but doesn't win gets a trophy. 

If you want to know who the 2017 JAE IKO winners are.......

  • Jousting - Mansfield Modified Car Club
  • Open Weight Tug-o-War - MkIV Supra Club
  • Restricted Tug-o-War - Jap Modified
  • Sack Race - MR2 Owners Club
  • Team Relay Race - Team Chasing 7
  • Feel the Pain Endurance - Nissan Primera Owners Club
  • Nandos Hot Wings Challenge - GTOUK
  • Kuiza (pub quiz) - Team Chasing 7 & Just Jap (tied for first place)
  • Japanese Food Eating competition - Pure JDM
  • Car Pull - Team Chasing 7
  • Cosplay - Jap Modified
  • IKO team Award - Team Chasing 7 & MKIv Supra Club (tied for first place)
  • Wooden Spoon - Car Friends
  • Best Activities by a Club - International MR2 Owners Club (IMOC)
  • Best Car Club - MkIV Supra Club

Thank you to everyone who took part, or just watched. Thank you thank you thank you







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