Convoy PhotoDriving around the world is a fete many will never achieve. Heck getting some people to Peterborough proves problematic!!

But doing this in a little Nissan Micra is not just a true fete of endurance and of fun but a brilliant way to celebrate one of the world's best selling small cars. But, rather than just drive home, park it on the driveway and be done, the team from Round the World in a Nissan Micra are ending their epic atventure at JAE!

This poor little battered Micra went through some of the Earth's toughest terrains here is just a select few of them: 

  • -Siberia in winter 
  • -The dried up Aral Sea, in Uzbekistan 
  • -A 4000m mountain pass between Kyrgyzstan and China 
  • -General and extreme offroading in 39 countries so far 
  • -Jungles and mountain roads throughout Central America
  • -Countless other strange and exotic lands
  • -San Pedro Sula, the 2nd murder Capital of the world

 Check out their video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBr_8G142j4&feature=youtu.be 

The World beating Micra will be on diaplay in the Race Paddock in the Show n Shine Hall. Hardly a Show n Shine winner and perhaps not exctly a race car, but can you beat what this little car has done?

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