Nankang logoJAE are really pleased to announce a sponsorship deal by Nankang Tyres UK

Nankang Tyres offer a range of tyres that meet every need. If you want ultra high performance including road, race and track days, or just for commuting and shopping to commercial and off-roading in the toughest environments Nankang can help. The reason we wanted to work with Nankang Tyres is because they represent exceptional value for money but can cater for all of us enthusiasts whether we like track or the social scene and, of course, our growing 4x4 following. 


Nankang Tyres is widely acknowledged as a leading tyre brand worldwide so are really pleased to announce this sponsorship. Ben Lawson - Marketing, Media and Motorsport Manager said

"After hearing great things about JAE in 2016 from various partners we have in the industry, the show looks like it will fit in well with the 2017 show program we have lined up. We understand the Japanese market and are big fans of the scene, JAE looks to be a great show, with loads of activities which we are looking forward to, as well as a great number of car clubs and a great selection of big names in the trade. We can't wait!"

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