GT1 GTRWe are really pleased to announce an amazing car for the JAE 2017 Race Paddock.

The Nissan GT1 GT-R is one of only a handful of these cars produced. Competing in the last few GT1 world championships this was the car that Michael Krumm won the GT1 World Championship in. Technically he's still the World Champions as the series no longer runs. Owned now by a dedicated and enthusiastic owner the car can be seen at various track events and show case events across the UK and beyond. A few years ago the owner - Shaun - even dropped it in the JAE visitor car park and drove it in! That woke a few people up!!!

For 2017 the GT1 GT-R will be on show in the JAE Race Paddock. Come along and see the car and find out more about this world beating V8 Nissan GT-R

We would like to thank Motul, WP fuels, Michelin, ATL fuel systemsM A Horne, Kleers, and Takata for allowing this car to come to JAE. Without their support the car would not get on track as often as it does and wouldn't be at JAE. Thank you. 




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