japanese gameshowHKS - the giant of the Japanese after market and tuning scene has long been a sponsor, and key part, of JAE. Now, for 2017 instead of just sitting on the sidelines and watching the famous HKS IKO they have decided to try and win their very own trophy!

HKS representatives have long been keen to come to the UK and see at first hand what JAE is all about, meet some of their customers and understand more about the UK market. However this has now blossomed into something even better! The HKS Team not only want to come to JAE, they want to take part in their very own IKO. Better than that they are determined to win it as well! Having spoken to Maz of HKS on many occasions about this he's even suggesting we beef up the games and make it even more outrageous - just as the Japanese would like it! So watch out for some amazing challenges at this year's JAE as HKS go all out to win their own trophy. Any rumours that they might bring a retired Sumo Wrestler over to win the car pull, strong man competition and tug of war have not been confirmed, but don't put it past them.

The HKS IKO has just gone up to a whole new level!

31 August cannot get here soon enough!............




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