base map smallv2With the exciting new/not-so-new venue and the new club layout and booking format it's great to see so many clubs getting in early to secure their spot. Only a week away from the 2017 Car Club Reps Meeting and we thought we'd publish your booking requests now so you have time to consider the layout. We are happy to make changes at the Reps Meeting next weekend subject to other clubs being able to accommodate your request. So if you want to contact other clubs and present us with what you've agreed that's fine. Or if you want to make a change to unused space let us know at the same meeting.

The layout for 2017 allows clubs to have their own individual space or to be part of a bigger plot and share with other clubs. The space you need is worked out in the size of club you are. Whether its a dozen cars, 20, 30 or 50 we have all the options for you - and more! If you have not booked yet just book the size you need based on the number of cars you'll bring. We then allocate all that space and a whole lot more for your tents and communal area. It really could not be more simple.

To find out how to book simply follow this link



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