Reps MeetJAE is unique in many ways and one of those ways is how we work with and directly involve the over 100 car clubs who attend JAE.

Every year we invite those car clubs attending or thinking about it, and people wanting to know more, to the JAE Club Reps Meet. It costs nothing to atend and we hold it at the very venue where JAE is being held. It's for Car Club representatives to hear at first hand about the additions, changes and improvements being made. JAE prides itself that every year we add more. More to see, more to do, more for you to enjoy. JAE 2017 is no different.

If you want to attend the JAE Reps Meet just turn up! 

JAE is THE Jap car community and social event bar none. SO we don't just tell you about what we've done, we listen to you and hear the ideas you have, the changes you want to see and we discuss with you your plans for the coming year. Whether it's where the best plots are, how to organise equipment, such as marquees, or just some general advice. The JAE team are on hand to help and on hand to chat to you directly.

So, now you know, what are you waiting for? See you at The Reps Meet!



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