base map smallThe JAE shop will allow you to book club space, order tickets - individual, family and bulk - and to reserve trade space - indoor and outdoor. Before that goes live we want to give you the chance to see the new layout for our new (old) venue. Those of you who have been to Peterborough Arena before - whether with JAE all those years ago or maybe at another event - will know the venue well. Others perhaps less so and for that reason we hope this will help orientate you to the new venue.

Club spaces will be booked by the amount you need, as always, but we have tried to make it better for clubs to display by making the grass 'islands' all one plot where possible; big plots for big clubs, small plots for small clubs. With the additional space we also now have a much bigger area for families or those who want a quiet camping area. We also have a bigger space for general camping (non-car club people) and, after two years at Newark, can now bring back the Japanese Car Day Visitor park and display. 

But it's not just the bigger space and the outdoor area that's a great step forward, Show n Shine and many more elements will now be moved indoors, along with other events and activities we are working on.

See you all at JAE in September, and for the Club Reps, see you at the Reps Meeting in a few months time!



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