surveyFirst off HUGE thanks to everyone who took the time out to complete the survey. Several hundred people completed the questionnaire and, from that, one very lucky person will win £500 worth of JAE tickets and merchandise - the draw will take place at the Reps Meeting in 2017.

As custodians of JAE we think we know best and we try to deliver a great show on a limited budget. For a three night event the price is lower than it would be to camp in a field somewhere with nothing laid on. That is reflected in the feedback we got where and amazing 72% of people were happy with the ticket price and options. That's fantastic news and we know we can't please everyone all the time so we will continue to provide more and more for you to do and watch at JAE. Since it's very beginnings JAE has always been proud to add new things every year and provide more to everyone that comes. For 2017 we will do more of the same as you will hear soon!

The vast majority of people (92%) bought advanced tickets but felt we could simplify the process. We are looking at that and will try to make it simpler for you next year. In advance of that we will have some club/group discount offers for you on tickets. These will also be announced soon.

Away from ticketing and pricing there was a lot that you told us that we have already started on or plan to do. The list of changes we will be making for 2017 and beyond include more indoor space, for cars, displays and even trade. There was also a large demand (79%) for live music/entertainment and that is also something we will look for in 2017. Overall, however, the vast majority of the feedback was that JAE is a very well run, fun event that doesn't take itself too seriously and provides an awful lot for the money. But we know we can always do more - and we will!

Starting 2017 we will be providing more activities for children. Not everyone wants to bring their family but the new date means we will see a lot more children and we want to make them feel welcome, as well as keep them occupied. More fun for all and hopefully we'll tire them out enough so you don't have to. For those that don't want to bring family we will provide even more for you to do. IKO is a busy full day on Saturday. With the challenges this year we had to move some events to Sunday. Not ideal but those that participated thoroughly enjoyed the less frenetic way that Sunday morning went. So for 2017 we will have some events on the Friday - as we do now with the Quiz and Hot Wings; but we won't make it a full day of events. With the event being held in the school holidays some of these events may be fun events just for children and one or two IKO. Not everyone can participate on Friday we recognise that but we want to at least give those already there more to enjoy. The same may also be true on Sunday, with JAE offering more for people to stay and do and really make it a full fun-packed weekend.

For car clubs and club displays 73% of people said it was an ideal size. That still means 1 in 4 clubs got it wrong. We know its a difficult task for Club reps to plan ahead but that a vast majority got it right is brilliant and on behalf of the entire JAE Team we want to thank all the Club Reps and Organisers. The biggest grip - and we have to agree - is on those clubs that book small and no-show. With the high winds and then rain this year the problem became even more obvious. Nobody wins, visitors see empty space, clubs that have organised plots see everything come to nought and clubs that turn up may be farther away than they should have if they could only have booked the now unused space. In an earlier survey to Club Resp we asked how best to manage this and we want to thank you for taking time out to complete this additional survey. Starting 2017 all clubs booking will need to order and pay for their plot, smaller clubs, sadly, no longer get a free ride. We know this is challenging but we hope your members will see that bailing out at the last minute hurts their club and their friends and perhaps might be more inclined to let you know if they really will be there or not.

There is a lot more to the survey and a lot of comments - almost all positive and many with brilliant ideas. The JAE Team has taken time to digest all this and for 2017 we are making the changes that we want to see and that you tell us you want: More indoor space, live entertainment, events on Friday and on Sunday, something for 'kids', a wider variety of activities & events and, of course, more toilets spread more evenly around the venue.

Watch out soon for some BIG announcements on JAE 2017.

Thank you

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