DSC 7713This year's HKS IKO Competition was a challenge with the endless rain that arrived for JAE Saturday. However, we did run some competitions but, for safety reasons, some had to be delayed until the Sunday or did not take place. We want to thank all those hardy souls who turned up and made the HKS IKO even better than ever, just by your sheer determination not to let the weather beat us!

Saving the day (partly) on Saturday was the display by the locale Fire and Rescue Service who used their Jaws of Life to extract two people from a two-car smash. Preceded by a race around the venue on full Blues n Twos it was great to watch these experts at their very best showing how they are able to extract people from some pretty crumpled cars. Once we did get the HKS IKO underway however the Saturday saw some new winners and some regular competitors alike. But of course the HKS IKO is not just Saturday, there was the Dodo Juice Show n Shine which offered up points to the overall team competition and, of course, on Friday night the Kuiza and Kmikaze Wings. Winners for the JAE 2016 HKS IKO were:

  • Kuiza - Team Chasing 7
  • Feel the Pain endurance - MkIV Supra
  • Car Pull - Team Chasing 7
  • Kamikaze Wings - Combustion Punks
  • Eating Competition - Pure JDM
  • Cosplay - Jap Modified
  • IKO Team Award - Team Chasing 7


On Sunday we ran some of the IKO from the Saturday. All the points earned on the Sunday will be carried forward for the totals for JAE HKS IKO 2017





DODO Juice


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