JoshRosenbergAs has become traditional at JAE the Saturday night fireworks is a time not only to cheer and celebrate a wonderful day at JAE but also a time to reflect on those no longer with us and people the Jap car Club community has lost over the years. The single firework at the start, followed by a minute's silence, is a poignant way to reflect and remember. For 2016 the event was made even more difficult for the family of Josh Rosenberg who, very sadly, lost his life in a car accident earlier this year. It was the wish of Josh's family and friends that his ashes be sent to the heavens and everyone witness it at his beloved JAE. It was our honour and privilege to be able to do this and in some small way help his family come to terms with this tragic loss. 

Josh was well known in the north of England with a big following among Honda owners. His Honda Civic Jordan (number 100) is being restored by his friends at JDM North.

Thank you to everyone who kept the minute's silence and for respecting Josh and his family's wishes and for taking the time to reflect on all those no longer with us



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