luaxJAE is all about Jap cars and bikes and we believe in keeping the event true to its roots and for Jap cars only. Of course Blue Badge Holders and other exceptions do exist and included in that list of exceptions are Mobile Homes and Camper Vans

If you come to JAE and bring with you a mobile home or camper van then you can bring the vehicle in, even if it's not Jap. It must be there for the duration of your stay on your camping pitch or, if on a club stand, at the back with the tents etc. Caravans, likewise can be brought in but, if the car towing is not Jap, then unhitch and return the car to general parking* and enjoy your stay at JAE

A camper van, a mobile home and a caravan are all your place to stay at JAE so bring them along and enjoy the fun!


* note: for non Jap cars to enter JAE we will hold a £50 deposit for two hours. Enough time to settle down any trailer or caravan. Then you must return to general parking and collect your deposit back. Failure to do so will forfeit your deposit and your car will be removed 




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