JAEJAE competitions are not about winning, but about taking part, having fun and getting involved with other clubs. Whether it's individual competitions with your fellow club mates cheering you on or whether it's team events with clubs rooting for their favourites, the aim is to do something you would never otherwise do! But there are trophies and awards for the best, the luckiest and, for one club, the best example of just turning up and having a go. Yes, even the club that has a go but doesn't win gets a trophy. 

If you want to know who the 2017 JAE IKO winners are.......

  • Jousting - Mansfield Modified Car Club
  • Open Weight Tug-o-War - MkIV Supra Club
  • Restricted Tug-o-War - Jap Modified
  • Sack Race - MR2 Owners Club
  • Team Relay Race - Team Chasing 7
  • Feel the Pain Endurance - Nissan Primera Owners Club
  • Nandos Hot Wings Challenge - GTOUK
  • Kuiza (pub quiz) - Team Chasing 7 & Just Jap (tied for first place)
  • Japanese Food Eating competition - Pure JDM
  • Car Pull - Team Chasing 7
  • Cosplay - Jap Modified
  • IKO team Award - Team Chasing 7 & MKIv Supra Club (tied for first place)
  • Wooden Spoon - Car Friends
  • Best Activities by a Club - International MR2 Owners Club (IMOC)
  • Best Car Club - MkIV Supra Club

Thank you to everyone who took part, or just watched. Thank you thank you thank you





reg Rockingham The Race Car Paddock has a wide collection of cars from a range of domestic Japanese-car championships. Among the collection you will find this stunning Honda Integra DC2.

The car has been built to production spec meaning very few engine mods which leads to great close racing and in motorsport terms it's a affordable way of going racing. The car began life as a standard road car and working it to get to the spec it is now took about 2-3 years by the owner himself. Of course many people get a tuner to do all the work! 

Be sure to check out this fantastic example and find out how to follow, watch, or even get involved in some great racing.

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bass tunnel 0020Coming to JAE this year is the outrageously loud VIBE Bass Tunnel.  It will be located on one side of the Main Square. The VIBE Bass Tunnel has recently undergone another transformation and has been reborn as the Bass Generator. VIBE Audio originally took over 1,000 man hours, used 3,500 ft of cabling, and spent over £500k to create the ultimate bass weapon.Enter at your own risk….

  • Space 15″ Subwoofer x 40
  • DeepSpace Bass 1 Amplifiers x 20
  • BlackDeath QB69 Speakers x 14
  • Slick A4 Amplifiers x 8
  • DeltaBox Line Drivers x 3
  • Deltabox Bass Generator x 1

The Vibe Bass Tunnel will be collocated with Car Audio Motions and will give us a centre point to be able to offer a sound competition for all the Jap cars! So if you are wondering what the noise is come over and spend some time with us, looking around our demo vehicles or having a wonder through the tunnel of subs.

The Vibe Bass Tunnel will also be the stage for our band on Saturday night and (weather permitting) the stage for Cosplay and Trophy presentations, also on Saturday night.

Car Audio Motions Ltd are a small family run business which offer a wide range of audio equipment and bespoke car audio system builds. Car Audio Motions are once again at JAE, and this year we are bigger and better ! Offering a wider range of audio equipment for all your Jap needs at affordable prices no matter your budget. All are welcome to enter the competition, come and have a go and lets see who's the loudest Jap out there!

To find out more about Vibe visit their Facebook Page

To find out more about Car Audio Motions visit their Facebook Page



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