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Frequently Asked Questions


  • I don't have a Japanese car. Is that okay?

    Non-Japanese cars can come into the showground to drop off equipment (such as camping) but need to be returned to the general visitor area within two hours of arrival. We want to help you enjoy the show but believe in keeping JAE a pure Japanese car event

  • What are the Terms and Condtions?

    Please see under general Information for the event terms and conditions

  • Are there hotels. Restaurants and other amenities nearby?

    Yes, please see our amenities page under General Information

  • How do I book a car club stand?

    Car CLub booking is online in our shop but if you want to discuss anything with us please email us sales@japcarclub.org

  • What do I get for my car club stand?

    You get a 20m x 20m allocation of space for every plot ordered (the first is free) on a grassed flat area. We locate the stands in first-come-first-served order based on your preferences. The venue is split up into a number of fields named after famous Japanese meeting venues and iconic locations. If you have any preference please make sure you let us know and we will allocate you the best plot available at the time of your booking. The full club locations and plans are avail;able to view under the Car Clubs section of this web site

  • How much space do I need?

    Typically we estimate 20 cars can fill a 20m x 20m plot. You get the first plot for free and after that there is a charge for each 20m x 20m plot. For each car plot you will need to make sure you have enough camping and community space. A car club with about ten cars will need only one plot, in which case there is no fee to pay to reserve your plot just email us - sales@japcarclub.or. For a car club or perhaps 25 cars then you will need something like 5 plots (one free and pay for four)

  • Do I need anything else?

    We can provide power supplies and can refer you to a marquee company should you require. Power supply prices can be found in our online shop

  • Do you have a social media page?

    Yes we have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JapaneseAutoExtravaganza

  • I am not a member of a club does that matter?

    Not at all. We have general camping areas for those not part of a club or you can come to JAE and join a club. The beatuty of JAE is its a chance to join the fantastic Japanese car community and a car club

  • We are a very small club is that okay?

    We do not differentiate between clubs, big or small. Everyone is welcome

  • Can I order tickets in advance for my club?

    Yes. You can order for yourself or have your members do it, or order in bulk and distribute them to club members. All advanced tickets are e-tickets to print at home

  • We need a support vehicle

    Any car or van if Japanaese is fine. If you need a non-Japanese support vehicle we allow one per club to bring and store equipment. You will first need to get a permit which is issued by JAE Admin on the day at the venue. This will need to be attached to the front windscreen of the vehicle before entry. Entry tickets will still be required

  • Do I have to stay at the venue?

    You can come and go as you please (assuming you have a full event ticket/pass. We will wristband you upon arrival and as long as you have that you are free to exit and re-enter at any time during the event

Who can attend?

The event is open to members of all Japanese car clubs or just private individuals.

As a visitor, please see the Event info page.

If you run a Japanese car club and wish to register your car club with JAE then please check out the Club Info page.

It will be fantastic to see your club there regardless of how big or small it is, we all have the same goal, the same love and that is Japanese cars.

Where to stay?

There is camping for the hardcore weekenders amongst us which is a very popular option with families as well as clubs and makes the whole event!
Public car parking for the day trippers is also available.

Tickets are available at the public gate all weekend, prices can be found in the Event Information page

If you are new to the event or want to chat with us, please use the Facebook page. We look forward to meeting you over the JAE weekend!

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

You have the right to cancel within seven days of the purchase.

Outside of that time the purchase is non-refundable

If you do cancel your order within seven days of purchase, your payment will be returned after the end of the show.

You must inform john@japcarclub.org and explain the reason for cancellation.

In the event JAE is cancelled your entry ticket price will be refunded in full. This does not affect your statutory rights.



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