JAE Club Safety

Please read this document fully, as it provides useful safety information will help to make your visit to JAE safer, of course you must also use your common sense whilst at the show/venue. These points are simply to remind you of your own responsibility for the health and safety of yourself and others around the venue:


Camping, barbecues, generators, vehicles, gas bottles and general event requirements:

*We strongly advise campers not to camp under trees.

*We strongly advise not to park vehicles under trees.

*Guide ropes will be around the venue, please ensure when walking at night that you carry a torch if you are unsure of the route back to your tent/camping area(s).

*No bonfires of any kind are allowed on site.

*No petrol is to be used on barbecues. No barbecues may be lit or used beneath trees or within 1m/3ft of bushes, tents or any combustible material(s).

*Barbecues must be doused with water once finished with.

*Ground mounted barbecues are strictly forbidden. All barbecues must be raised from the ground, disposable type barbecues must be on bricks.

*Please leave used barbecues beside a bin once doused thoroughly and we will dispose of them. DO NOT put them in the bins.

*Caravans and mobile homes are to be parked in the dedicated area as a preference. Campers wishing to put mobile homes and caravans on club pitches must ensure the caravan or mobile home is at the back of the car display area and not in the tented area

Driving around the venue

*JAE will operate a policy of pedestrian priority over all vehicles, including on access roads and marked out routes

*There is a maximum speed limit of 5mph whilst driving on the venue.

*Once parked on your stand please do not cruise around the venue, if you do need to leave the venue then only use the roads as per the site plan.

*When parking your vehicle(s) on your club stand ensure that you leave a doors opening width (your vehicles door) between yourself and the vehicle/obstruction you are parking adjacent to.

*Also ensure that you are able to walk freely between the front and rear of your vehicle. We will be inspecting the club stands and will ask owners to move their vehicles if the spaces are not as described.

*No refuelling of vehicles on site.

*No jacking up of cars on site without permission from JAE Admin, we have flat, hard standing areas that can be used for this if required.

*Do not leave your vehicles engine running when it is parked on your club stand.

*Any petrol or diesel canisters must be kept securely within the boot of your vehicle.


*Each club must have at least one handheld fire extinguisher in close proximity to a barbecue and it must be free to use and not locked away.

*Generators must not be refilled whilst running, must not be positioned within 3ft/1metre of any combustible materials (bushes, trees, cars, tents etc.,) and all leads must be hidden or covered so as to not cause a trip hazard.

*Petrol generators are not permitted

*A free to use fire extinguisher must be kept close to the generator(s) at all times and not locked away.

*Generators should not be run at night where possible, please be kind to your neighbours.

*No barbecues or naked flames are allowed within any tent, gazeebo, marquee or awning unless operated by a professional business.

*We prefer you not to bring glass on to the venue. However, if you do ensure that if using anything made from glass that it is disposed of correctly once used and not left lying around. Any broken glass must be disposed of immediately and if assistance is required please contact a member of staff.

*If you are using any type of portable or disposable gas canister please ensure you follow the instructions for use and turn off when not being used, when finished with please take any unused portable or disposable canisters to the Admin Tent for disposal. The much larger hired bottles must be turned off and kept in a safe area when not being used.

*If you see anything that you feel is/could be potentially dangerous whilst on the venue you must ensure you inform a member of the staff or security immediately as we all have a responsibility to ensure the venue is as safe as possible for everyone.


*Security staff patrolling will also be carrying handheld fire extinguishers.Visitor parking is for day visitors and non-Japanese cars staying for the duration of the event. Any vehicle left overnight in the visitor parking area without the correct long stay vehicle permit (provided when you buy your 4 day ticket) will be deemed illegally parked and is subject to being towed or clamped. No liability will be accepted for any damage to any vehicle when illegally parked.

*Dogs and similar pets are to be kept on a leash at all times and are not to be left unattended. We reserve the right to eject any animal and owner at any time should the animal be acting in an unruly manner.

*JAE will not accept responsibility for lost or stray animals. It is your responsibility alone to find lost pets. This is particularly relevant to animals affected by fireworks

*Safety checks, hand bag inspections and boot checks may be carried out for your own safety

First Aid

All JAE security staff are emergency first-response trained and should be your first point of call in any emergency, along with a direct call to 999 if need be. There is an additional medical facility on site if needed. If you cannot find a member of the JAE security team please contact the Admin Office. In the event the office is not open car club reps and managers will have access to an out-of-hours emergency number. If in doubt please call the emergency services.

Fireworks display

You must at all time follow the direction of any/all staff when the display is operating, fencing will be in place and you must not for any reason cross into the fallout area. If you see anyone not adhering to this please inform a member of staff immediately.

Alcohol, Drugs and Unacceptable behaviour

Anyone found drunk and to be a danger to themselves or others whilst walking around the venue will be held by security until in such a condition as to return to the show. Where possible anyone found to be driving on the venue or driving in/out of the venue whilst under the influence of drink will have their car keys removed and held by security for the safety of themselves and others until they are in such a condition as to be able to drive. In extreme circumstances the Police will be called.

We operate a zero tolerance level on any drugs or the use of drugs within the venue, anyone found with drugs on them or under the influence of drugs will be immediately ejected from the venue and if in no fit state will be held by Security until they are fit to leave. In serious circumstances the Police will be called.

Anyone acting aggressively, putting themselves or others in potential harm or risk or acting in a manner deemed unruly will be held by security and possibly ejected from the venue. In extreme circumstances the Police will be called.

Glass bottles are not welcome at the venue. We prefer cans, cartons and other no-glass receptacles. Please dispose all all rubbish sensibly and for non-BBQ rubbish in the bins provided

Visitors are not permitted to bring their own alcohol into any building on the Showground

Incidents and Evacuation Plan

You must not at any time park or leave a vehicle unattended on any of the roadways around the venue, any vehicle left within these roadways will be immediately removed and we accept no responsibility for any damage caused by our actions. These roadways are an essential route for any emergency vehicles needing to move around the venue.

If for any reason your club stand, camping areas or the venue itself needs to be evacuated you will be told by staff where you must go, please listen to all staff announcements and follow their instructions.

All the above points must be adhered to whilst at JAE if applicable to you or your club members and we will be making spot checks when possible throughout the duration of the show to ensure these points are being adhered to. If you are unsure about any of the above points or require clarification on the points please visit the Admin Tent where we will be pleased to assist you with any enquiries.

JAE and/or Newark Showground and/or its agents will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage to any person or property however caused whilst on the venue or travelling to/from the venue. Any damage caused to the venue will be the responsibility of the party (or parties) causing the damage and not that of JAE (The Org Ltd.)

Be safe. Have fun!


Who can attend?

The event is open to members of all Japanese car clubs or just private individuals.

As a visitor, please see the Event info page.

If you run a Japanese car club and wish to register your car club with JAE then please check out the Club Info page.

It will be fantastic to see your club there regardless of how big or small it is, we all have the same goal, the same love and that is Japanese cars.



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