Each plot can cater for about 12 cars PLUS all your camping needs and a marquee/communal area. Whether its Daikoku, Makuhari or Umihotaru you want to be in just book the number of plots you need.

NOTE: for areas of more than one plot we have special options for you depending on the number of cars. So, before you book be sure to check out the rates and space for HanshinKanetsuShutoTatsumi and Wangan

2017 Umihotaru map 2017

U1 Reckless Impact
U2 Nissan Primera Owners Club 
U3 Nissan Primera Owners Club 
U4 Club Turismo
U6 Nissan Primera Owners Club 
U7 Nissan Primera Owners Club 
U8 ZeroEight
U9 n/a 
U10 Team Sushi / GTROC
U11 Team Sushi / GTROC
U12 Team Sushi / GTROC
U13 Extreme BHP Car Club
U14 Extreme BHP Car Club
U15 4x4 general parking and camping
U16 Club 323F
U17 Club 323F
U18 4x4 general parking and camping
U19 4x4 general parking and camping
U20 Total Jap


Who can attend?

The event is open to members of all Japanese car clubs or just private individuals.

As a visitor, please see the Event info page.

If you run a Japanese car club and wish to register your car club with JAE then please check out the Club Info page.

It will be fantastic to see your club there regardless of how big or small it is, we all have the same goal, the same love and that is Japanese cars.



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 Nankang NEW


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Where is Peterborough Arena?

Plan your route below

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